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GeoTrac International Oil Field Worker Safety

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GeoTrac International Oil Field Worker Safety

• Canada’s oil industry dispatches workers to remote areas where destination mapping changes by season and road conditions, and with a tight job market, companies have to send staff alone to these job sites in harsh weather conditions.

• GeoTrac Maps & Tracks For Safety: Built on a network infrastructure powered by Intel, GeoTrac International Inc. provides oil and gas industry clients like Canyon Technical Services Ltd. with real-time vehicle tracking, worker safety systems and driver education to boost efficiency, security and save money.

• GeoTrac uses virtualization technology to consolidate 30 servers to three for its mission critical applications running on Dell PowerEdge* servers featuring Intel® Xeon® processor E7, cutting space needed in the data centre while reducing power consumption by 50%.
• Through its server network, GeoTrac’s real-time tracking of trucks and drivers saves Canyon dispatchers hundreds of hours and up to $3,800 per month in cellular phone costs.
• GeoTrac’s automated calculation of fuel tax saves Canyon more than $8,900 a year and cuts the time needed to calculate tax rebates each quarter from 120 hours to 8.

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