GrowSafe Systems Automates Livestock Performance Monitoring

Increasing input costs and tightening business margins are leading ranchers and producers to look for more efficient ways of raising cattle. GrowSafe Systems’ data acquisition platform (powered by Intel® technology) collects, transmits, and analyses feedlot data to give cattle producers a precise tool to monitor the performance and health of an individual animal enabling real-time health managemen...t and operational decision-making. In an industry currently relying on visual identification of sick and market-ready animals, GrowSafe automation enables significant improvement in production efficiency and profitability.

Feed represents a significant portion of the cost of raising cattle and those costs have been increasing every year, making profitability more challenging for ranchers and farmers.

GrowSafe Systems’ integrated hardware and software platform tracks biometric and environmental data while monitoring feed and water intake of each animal in a producer’s operation. These raw data are analyzed by the GrowSafe data acquisition computer powered by Intel® technology to give producers a daily list of animals that are exhibiting behavior outside the normal range.

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