MPI Libraries

Use these message-passing libraries to create, maintain, and test advanced, complex applications.

Intel® OPA Performance

In high performance computing (HPC), message passing interface (MPI) benchmarks are used to demonstrate the performance capability of the cluster network. Benchmarking generally starts with standard micro-benchmarks used to determine best-case MPI latency, bandwidth, and message rate.

Applications and Middleware

A listing of applications and middleware that are certified or “known to work” with Intel® Omni-Path Architecture.

Intel® Omni Path Architecture Configurator Tool

The Intel® Omni-Path Architecture Configurator tool is a web application used by fabric marketing teams and OEM Pre-sales to design fabric solutions (topologies) based on user requirements. This tool also provides accurate orderable solutions [Bill of Materials (BOM)] along with pricing calculations. The Cable length Estimator feature on this tool helps user to generate cable floor plan based on some assumed floor parameters as well as user provided parameters. This feature calculates lengths at port to port level granularity.

To see Briefs, User Guide, Release Notes and other documentation related to the Configurator Tool, select “Resources” at the top of the page within the tool.


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Where to buy

Find resellers and product specs for Intel® OPA products.