Case Overview

Cases Tab

For easy access, the Cases tab lists cases you recently viewed. Click a Case Number link to open the Case Detail page.

Case List Views

There are different list views that filter the results in different ways.

  • All Cases (includes all cases in your account that you have has access to see, including cases submitted by other contacts from your company.)
  • My Cases
  • My Open Cases
  • My Recently Updated Cases
  • Recently Viewed Cases

Click the drop down arrow to view your options. Choose a list view, and click Go! to view the cases in that list.

Columns in some of the list views may be moved to suit your preferences.  Simply click and drag column header to a different location. The change in column sequence, however, is temporary. It does not become the default, and reverts back when you navigate to another page.

Click a column header to sort the order. The page sorts on one column only. Click the column again to reverse the sort. The sorting is alpha-numeric.

Case Detail Page

  1. Click Edit Case Details to make updates to a case, or click Copy to use as the case as a template to create a new case. 
  2. Description and Case Information - Case Details established when the case was created. Some fields can be edited.
  3. Product Information - The product associated with this case. A case can have only one product.
  4. Case Comments - This is a running list of comments added by you and anyone who has to access to the case, including your Intel® representative. 
  5. Environmental Details - Questions you were asked and the answers you provided when you created the case. Environmental Details help to route your case to the right person and get it resolved faster. Not all cases have Environmental Details.
  6. System Information - Date and time case was opened and closed.
  7. Interested Parties - People who were added to the case from your account who want to receive case update notifications.
  8. Case Attachments - Upload a file to attach to this case. You may also see files to download from your Intel® representative.

Case Creation

From the Cases tab, you may create a case by clicking Create New in the left hand column and select Case, or click the Create New Case button on the Cases Home page.

The preferred method to create a case is from either the Intel® Products tab or the Premier Support Projects tab.

For more information about creating a case, click HERE.

Customer Survey

When a case is closed or resolved, you may receive a survey invitation a few days after your case is set to close. Your feedback is extremely important to Intel and our efforts to create a great Intel Premier Support experience.