Solidigm™ Storage Tool (Intel® branded NAND SSDs)



The Solidigm™ Storage Tool assists with the management of Solidigm™ (former Intel® NAND) SSDs.

Available Downloads

  • Ubuntu 18.04 LTS*, Ubuntu 20.04 LTS*, CentOS 8.4 (2105)*, CentOS 8.3 (2011)*, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.3*, CentOS 8 (2004)*, Ubuntu 16.04*, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15*, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.2*, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12*, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.4*, CentOS 8.2 (2004)*, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8*
  • Size: 483.2 MB
  • SHA1: 7D0B569778D272012512AC90F6EFB8FC25043500
  • Windows 11 Family*, Windows 10 Family*, Windows Server 2012 family*, Windows Server 2012 R2 family*, Windows Server 2022 family*, Windows Server 2016 family*, Windows Server 2019 family*
  • Size: 56 MB
  • SHA1: C736B0AF78EC2D28C43C7D409330F5B76E9FA937
  • OS Independent
  • Size: 40.8 MB
  • SHA1: 9E7B3245C4146C6C40646E9B5546098F63BA85B6

Detailed Description

Intel's NAND SSD business has been acquired by Solidigm, visit the Intel Newsroom for details.

The Solidigm Storage Tool (Intel® branded NAND SSDs), also called SST, assists with managing Solidigm (former Intel® NAND) SSDs. There is a Graphical User Interface (GUI), for Windows* only, and a Command-Line Interface (CLI) for Windows, Linux*, and ESXi*. It provides access to drive information and health, SMART Attributes, Firmware Updates, diagnostic scans, and secure erase.


  • Can update any Solidigm (formerly Intel® NAND) PCIe*/NVMe* or SATA SSD to latest firmware.
  • For Intel® Optane™ support use Intel® MAS.
  • The Windows* download includes both the GUI and CLI versions.
  • ESXi*-signed files may be added for download at a later date.

What's New?

  • See the Release Notes for changes made in this release.

Getting Started

  • See the User Guide for the package you downloaded.
  • Check the latest available firmware.
  • If your Solidigm™ (former Intel® NAND) SSD is from an OEM, your firmware version may have a different naming. Contact your local OEM representative for latest firmware revision.
  • If you need any assistance with the firmware update or experience issues, contact Customer Support.

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