Intel Employee Emergency Communications Contacts

In the event of a major emergency that affects an Intel site or multiple sites, this page will provide Intel employees and their families information on the emergency and possible safety precautions to take if applicable. Information will be available in several different languages (please see right-hand side for available languages).

Please bookmark this page at home and at work for future reference.


General Information

Should a disaster strike, Intel is committed to establishing a communications channel for employees and their families.  If an event occurs while employees are off-site, early communication with Intel will help you implement your Business Continuity Plan or seek other help more quickly.

It is important that employees and their families know how to obtain information from Intel in an emergency. We count on employees to educate their family members about this Web site.

Our primary general communications channels will be the following:

spacer Circuit News (Intel internal only) – In a major crisis, information on our intranet site will be updated frequently - refresh the home page often to see it.

spacer – If Circuit News is not available, you and your family will be able to get information on our external Web site featuring 11 languages.

In addition to these channels we may use email blasts, voice mail, or fliers posted on bulletin boards to distribute information. We will also utilize as appropriate local television, radio, and newspapers to assist in communicating to Intel employees and their family members.

Targeted information for those directly impacted

In addition to the general communications channels listed above, Intel is also developing specific communications channels to work with those individuals and their families who are directly impacted. These channels include:

  1. Counseling Call Center–Intel will activate counseling resources to meet the needs of those directly impacted in an emergency.
  2. Intel travel (Intel internal only) – if an emergency occurs while you are traveling for Intel, the travel office can help reroute your travel and get you home.
  3. Relocation (Intel internal only) – Intel's relocation services are available to help employees who are temporarily relocated.

**Intel is not responsible for content of sites outside our intranet.