Water Restoration in California

To support Intel’s commitment to achieve net positive water use, we have funded three water restoration projects benefiting California. Once fully implemented, these projects will restore an estimated 332 million gallons each year. This page provides a summary of Intel-funded projects to support California’s water resources. 

Expanded Bird Returns and Groundwater Recharge

Location: Colusa County, Central Valley, California

Implementation Partner: The Nature Conservancy

Estimated Restoration Benefit: 38 MGY

Project Status: Initiated in 2019; began restoring water in 2019

Project Description: The Central Valley wetlands once provided critical habitat for migratory birds traveling the Pacific Flyway, but have been drained by more than 95% for development and agriculture, causing significant decline in bird populations. The Nature Conservancy is expanding upon their successful Dynamic Conservation “Bird Returns” project that creates seasonal migratory shorebird habitats, selecting sites with good groundwater recharge potential to support Northern California communities’ recharge targets under the new Sustainable Groundwater Management Act.

Intel in California

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Product and Performance Information

1The restoration benefit represents an estimation based on the expected outcome of each project. After each project is completed, the restoration benefit will be reviewed and updated as needed.