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Introducing a new free software application for streamers, gamers, and enthusiasts.

What Is Intel® Easy Streaming Wizard?

Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) can take hours to fully configure for streaming. OBS needs to be tuned for the processor’s encoding capabilities, available bandwidth, and devices like microphones and cameras.

This wizard will simplify the setup by configuring and tuning OBS in a simple step by step process that will get you streaming and recording in a flash.


Features and Benefits

Optimize Intel® Core™ Processors Adjust the encoding and streaming quality depending on the capabilities of the Intel® Core™ processor.
Streaming Service Selection Select among different streaming services.
Bandwidth Optimization The wizard will assess available bandwidth to the streaming provider and adjust quality automatically.
Streaming Game Setting Optimization Optimize OBS settings based on the type of game/streaming usages.
Recording Optimization Optimize recording encoder for platform selected.
Configure End User Cameras and Microphones Select/position a connected camera and set the default microphone.
Generate Scenes Create up to six different scenes with configurable backgrounds and text elements.
Streaming Software/Utilities Download Install/update the latest supported Open Broadcaster Software and libraries to begin streaming in a flash.

Intel® Easy Streaming Wizard Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Some of the main benefits are:

  • It helps to set up a PC for streaming in minutes, not hours, or days.
  • It automatically configures and tunes the streaming service (Twitch, YouTube).
  • It optimizes Intel® Core™ processor for encoding, sound, bandwidth, and other features to determine the best streaming quality possible.
  • It scales with more cores and threads to improve the quality of the live stream.

The following are the minimum system requirements:
  • Supported Intel® processors.
  • 8GB or more of memory.
  • Intel-Integrated Graphics or Discrete Graphics Card targeted for gaming systems.
  • Integrated or External Camera (optional).

See the download page for a list of supported streaming services.

You do need to have an existing account with the streaming service to complete the configuration, however if you don’t already have an account, the wizard provides an opportunity to create an account during the installation process.

No, you do not need to install the Open Broadcaster Software (OBS). The latest supported version of OBS is automatically installed during the Easy Streaming Wizard installation. If OBS was installed previously, Easy Streaming Wizard will use the existing installation.

See the release notes for the latest version of OBS supported. The wizard will prompt the user to update to the latest version if an older version is installed.

No, Intel does not answer questions related to the Open Broadcaster Software (OBS). Go to OBS help for more information.

Yes. Verify that the Internet connection meets the minimum requirements for streaming (2500kbit upload). This can be verified in the Intel® Easy Streaming Wizard application or at If your Internet connection does not meet this requirement, troubleshoot these issues with your Internet service provider (ISP).


See the list of supported processors on the download center page.

Auto update is turned off in OBS after the Intel® Easy Streaming Wizard runs and configures the system for optimal streaming. Downloading a newer version of OBS may interfere with the Intel® Easy Streaming Wizard configuration already setup for OBS. The Intel® Easy Streaming Wizard is frequently updated with new features and will evaluate all new versions of OBS to ensure we are using the optimal version of OBS.

Still Have Questions?

Access additional support information for Intel® Easy Streaming Wizard.

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