Building Blocks for Government Digital Transformation

Governments at every level strive to keep citizens safe, healthy, and thriving. You do that by providing steadfast defense, education, transportation, and other services, often with the help of technology. Intel delivers the building blocks for high-performance, security-enabled solutions that enable you to support and empower citizens.

Data-Centric Strategies, Fueled by Intel® Technologies

Around the world, governments and the public sector work to improve quality of life, keep systems and data secure, and comply with regulations. Intel supports your efforts with a range of technologies designed for critical missions, everyday operations, and reliable performance no matter what the task.

Whether for the data center, network, or edge, Intel® technologies make data more accessible—and decisions more intelligent—while helping reduce costs. We work with governments to bring artificial intelligence to more places, maximize the value of cloud and edge computing, and help to enhance cybersecurity at every point. Intel draws on decades of experience helping the public sector worldwide select and deploy technologies. We can help you turn reams of data into better services, fast decisions, and a mission that’s been accomplished.

Managing Telework for a Federal Workforce

Employees who work remotely need PCs with enough performance headroom for videoconferencing and multitasking, plus access to IT support no matter where they are. PCs built on the Intel vPro® platform boost productivity with fast, responsive performance and robust connectivity. Intel® Active Management Technology enables remote discovery and recovery, and Intel® Hardware Shield delivers a new level of hardware-enhanced security features.

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End-to-End Government Cybersecurity

Defending against cyberattacks is getting harder as the attack surface expands, cyber criminals gain sophistication, and gaps among solutions leave data unprotected. Intel supports an end-to-end approach to security that covers edge to core to cloud—and the supply chain too. Hardware-enabled security features help protect data and devices without compromising performance.

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AI for Government and Public Sector

AI will benefit government organizations in myriad ways, from automating everyday operations to accelerating scientific research. Intel provides solutions that improve AI systems—starting with how data is stored and accessed—through hardware to run your AI models and software libraries to ensure those models run efficiently on Intel® processors. With AI and Intel, your organization will achieve new capabilities in cybersecurity, medical diagnostics, and disaster planning and response.

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Enabling a Secure Supply Chain for Government Agencies

Get to know the current secure supply chain best practices for government organizations.

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Edge Computing and IoT

Edge computing allows governments to collect, aggregate, analyze, and respond to sensor data almost immediately to meet operational goals in mobile and remote sites. Data generated by IoT devices empowers governments to improve the safety of its citizens, build smart cities, maintain infrastructure, and respond quickly to emergencies and disasters. Intel® technologies for the edge and IoT help the public sector capture and use data for actionable insights before it is transmitted to the cloud or data center.

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Intel® FPGAs

Implement the latest algorithms and neural network topologies. Reprogrammable FPGAs support applications such as radar and sensors, encryption, and authentication.

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Embracing Digital Transformation Podcast

This podcast gives hype-free scoop on people, processes, and technologies shaping digital world today for public sector.

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