Accelerating Genomics Research

Intel and Broad Institute collaborate on powerful & flexible data center solutions for genomics analytics.

The Intel-Broad Center for Genomics Data Engineering

Researchers and software engineers at the Intel-Broad Center for Genomic Data Engineering build, optimize, and widely share new tools and infrastructure that will help scientists integrate and process genomic data. The project is optimizing best practices in hardware and software for genome analytics to make it possible to combine and use research data sets that reside on private, public, and hybrid clouds. The goal is to enable researchers worldwide to generate robust results more quickly by accessing data that may have been unavailable to them before.

Intel and Broad Deliver Genomics Stack

Intel and Broad Institute introduce a new integrated hardware and software solution to run the Broad’s popular Genome Analysis Toolkit faster, at unprecedented scale, with easier open source deployment. See our solution partners below.

A shared vision to foster discovery

A mission to help researchers everywhere drive insights that ultimately improve human health.

Anthony Philippakis, M.D., Ph.D., Chief Data Officer of the Broad Institute describes the Intel-Broad collaboration.

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Our Vision for Genomic Analysis

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Broad-Intel Genomics Stack* (BIGstack*)

Learn how the Broad-Intel Genomics Stack* (BIGstack*), helps accelerate genomics research and whole genome sequencing.

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Accelerating Genomics Research with OpenCL™ and FPGAs

See how Intel and the Broad Institute are helping to accelerate genomics research with OpenCL™ and FPGAs running the GATK’s HaplotypeCaller algorithm.

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Computational Genomics and Analytics with Intel® Select Solutions

Learn how Intel and Broad Institute are collaborating to advance computational genomics and analytics through hardware and software solutions.

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GKL Compression

Up to 2.8X performance improvement gains when using GKL compression optimization.

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Infrastructure for GATK*

Implementing hardware & software best practices for GATK* genomics analysis.

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FPGA Acceleration

Significant performance gains for Haplotype Calling / PairHMM functions utilizing the power of FPGAs.

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Whole Genome Analysis

Intel cluster-based architecture for performance acceleration in whole genome variant analysis.

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Storing Genome Data as Sparse Columnar Arrays

GenomicsDB is a storage technology for genomic variants and likelihoods.

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Resources for Developers

Access open-source frameworks and tools for optimized genomics analytics, as well as code and reference architectures for implementation, benchmarking, and customization.

Genome Analysis Toolkit*

The industry leading analysis solution. Now bundled with key supporting components for easier implementation.

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Broad’s Workflow Description Language (WDL) - based execution management engine. Flexible, open source, and applicable for local or cloud operation.

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Genomics Kernel Library*

Optimized compute kernels for Intel® architecture under 64-bit Linux* & Mac OSX*. Includes Kernels for PairHMM, igzip compression, and otc_zlib compression.

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A specialized & highly optimized sparse data array for genomic variant data management.

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Parallel file system for HPC big data workloads. Includes Intel® Solutions for Lustre* software.

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Workload management, job queueing, scheduling, prioritizing, resource monitoring, and resource management for HPC.

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Intel® Omni-Path Architecture (Intel® OPA)

High-performance data center communication architecture for low latency, low power consumption, and high throughput.

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Intel® Scalable System Framework (Intel® SSF)

Intel® Scalable System Framework (Intel® SSF) unites Intel’s compute, memory and storage, fabric, and software technologies for the next wave of HPC.

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The Broad-Intel Genomics Stack is an integrated solution to run GATK* taking advantage of Intel’s latest compute, fabric, memory, and storage technologies.

Intel® Products

Intel® Xeon® Processor E5 Family

High throughput scoring on existing server class infrastructure.

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Intel® Xeon Phi™ Processor Family

Achieve shorter time to train deep neural networks on robust, scalable infrastructure.

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