Intel® True Scale QLE7300 Series: Product Brief

High Performance Computing (HPC) solutions require the highest levels of performance, scalability, and availability to power today’s complex application workloads. Today’s HPC clusters run demanding HPC applications faster when using Intel® True Scale host channel adapters (HCAs).

Designed specifically for HPC, the Intel® True Scale QLE7300 series of Intel® True Scale Fabric host channel adapters use an advanced “host onload” design that delivers the performance that scales with core count, making them the ideal choice for most demanding applications.

• 10Gbps, 20Gbps, or 40Gbps per port
• 3400MBps unidirectional throughput
• 28M non-coalesced messages per second
• 1.0 microsecond latency that remains low as the fabric is scaled
• Multiple virtual lanes (VLs) for unique Quality of Service (QoS) levels per lane over the same physical port
• Intel® True Scale Fabric Architecture, with MSI-X interrupt handling, is optimized for multi-core compute nodes
• Operates without external memory
• Optional data scrambling in Intel® True Scale Fabric link
• RoHS 6 compliant
• Complies with InfiniBand Trade Association* (IBTA*) v1.2.1 standard
• Supports OpenFabrics™ Alliance software distributions

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