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Intel collaborates with leading technology companies to integrate intuitive and automated software solutions for data centers, clouds, and high performance computing (HPC) environments. Leveraging innovative open source designs, these partners build value-adding features, security, and manageability into their platforms to optimize the enhanced productivity and efficiency of Intel® True Scale Fabric based on InfiniBand solutions.

Adaptive Computing

Adaptive Computing provides intelligent automation software for cloud, data center, and high performance computing (HPC) environments. The company's infrastructure intelligence solutions, powered by Moab*, deliver policy-based governance that allows customers to consolidate and virtualize resources, allocate and manage applications, optimize service levels, and reduce operational costs.

Adaptive Computing products manage the world's largest computing installations and are the preferred intelligent automation solutions for the leading global data center vendors.

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EMC/Isilon's Scale-out Storage Platform, powered by their OneFS* operating system, combines a robust suite of management applications and enterprise-class hardware to deliver meaningful and sustainable productivity enhancements. EMC/Isilon's three product lines provide a broad range of options to address enterprise storage needs. Our software applications provide enterprise-grade storage management, protection, and distribution capabilities.

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IBM/Platform Computing is the global leader in high performance computing (HPC) management software. The company delivers integrated software solutions that enable organizations to improve time-to-results and reduce computing costs. Many of the world's largest companies rely on platform to accelerate compute or data intensive applications and manage cluster and grid systems.

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Open source has transformed the computing landscape. It is changing economic models and creating new enterprise dynamics. And Novell is leading the way with SUSE Linux Enterprise*, the best-engineered, most interoperable platform for mission-critical computing—from the desktop to the data center.

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Red Hat

Red Hat works with an ecosystem of partners to build, optimize, and deliver complete solutions to our customers. Through their global network of leading hardware, software, and service provider vendors, Red Hat offers customers a wealth of proven technology solutions that solve real-world business challenges.

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StackIQ is the leader in commercial software and support for Rocks-based high performance computing (HPC) clusters. Rocks+* is the commercial version of the industry-leading Rocks Cluster Distribution*—an end-to-end cluster operating environment, which manages the Linux operating system, cluster management middleware, libraries, compilers, and monitoring tools, all with enterprise-class commercial support from StackIQ.

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