The Advantage of Intel® IoT in Hospitality and Restaurants

Intel is empowering restaurants and hotels to harness analytics and the Internet of Things (IoT) in more intelligent ways. With our robust portfolio of hardware and software, you can deploy intelligence everywhere and take advantage of breakthrough technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and 5G. And when you look for prevalidated solutions from our partner ecosystem, you can be sure you’re getting purpose-built, integrated solutions that deliver actionable data, so you can make better business decisions.

Customer Success Stories

See how Intel® IoT technologies are helping restaurants and hotels transform customer experiences and grow revenue.

Keep Wait Time to a Minimum with Self-Service Kiosks

Offer your guests the convenience of placing their own orders, checking in or out, and finding information with self-service kiosks. Guests can skip the line, freeing up your staff for more-valuable engagements. Interactive kiosks powered by Intel® Core™ processors support ultrahigh-definition (UHD) visuals and responsive touchscreens. And with solutions on the Intel vPro® platform, you get business-class performance, remote management, and more—ideal for self-service restaurants and hotels and other innovative services.

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Fresh Insight at the Digital Drive-Thru

A new wave of solutions powered by AI is transforming the drive-thru. Computer vision can reveal details like how many cars are in line at different times of the day or how many turn away due to long wait times. Speech recognition can provide clearer details for less confusing—and faster, more accurate—orders. The results? Happier customers, better demand forecasts, and more-productive employees.

The Future of the Drive-Thru

In this on-demand webinar, experts from Intel and Coates Group discuss what’s coming next for the drive-thru.

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Capture Attention with Digital Signage and Digital Menus

Add digital signage, digital menu boards, and video walls to make an impression while sharing the latest offers and information. Digital menu boards provide guests with an up-to-date menu and make it easy to update promotions and pricing. And with the latest AI-powered features, you can adjust messages based on your audience with demographic detection.

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Get More from Your Restaurant Point of Sale (POS)

Today’s POS systems do far more than ring up orders. They integrate with inventory management systems, pricing, loyalty programs, and much more. POS systems can also grant greater visibility into campaign performance and provide other important metrics.

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Serving Up the Next-Generation Restaurant

For restaurants, it’s all about the customer experience—and now you can deliver it like never before. Whether it’s self-ordering kiosks or AI-powered analytics, this new world of digital touchpoints is reshaping service and redefining convenience.

Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs)

Shorter lines and more accurate forecasting are within reach with self-service kiosks, analytics, and the latest in computer vision.

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Coffee Shop

Treat your guests to a convenient, enjoyable experience every time they visit with easy ordering and smooth transactions.

Fast Casual

Serve great food with the speed and convenience your guests expect with technologies for digital menus, ordering, POS, and more.


Create memorable experiences by freeing your staff to focus on the people, not the technology.

Fine Dining

Exceptional dining experiences are built on a foundation of technology that accommodates your front-of-house and kitchen systems.

Bar and Nightclub

From dynamic video walls to autonomous vending, great technology can help your guests have a great time.

Smart Hotels Make for an Incredible Stay

IoT technologies make the digital hotel a reality. Guests can skip the counter with self-check-in kiosks. They can adjust the temperature and lighting in their rooms using a smartphone app and save their preferences for next time. They can get automatic access to the parking garage with license plate recognition powered by computer vision. When hotels can give their guests what they want at their moment of need, they’ll win loyalty that lasts.

Business Hotel

Deliver ultimate convenience, business-class conference and meeting facilities, and a hassle-free experience every time.

Economy Hotel and Inn

From smart vending to digital video security, improve the quality of the stay with technologies that go beyond the status quo.

Resort and Casino

Make a bold impression with vibrant digital signage and video walls, plus the convenience of self-service when guests prefer it.

Luxury Hotel

Excellent service and attention to detail—it’s all backed by a foundation of technology and analytics that make your guests feel valued.

Boutique Hotel

Free your staff to focus on excellent guest services with technologies that work seamlessly to support your distinctive brand.

Luxury Cruise

Get the most from what’s on board with technologies designed for performance and reliability.

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