Intel® easicopy™ Devices

Intel® easicopy™ devices provide OEMs with a seamless path from Intel® eASIC™ devices to cell-based ASICs, thereby enabling OEMs to further reduce device cost and power consumption and increase performance.

Intel® easicopy™ Devices

The Intel® eASIC™ Device Continuum

Intel offers a complete continuum of custom logic solutions and Intel® FPGAs offer fastest time to market, no NRE, and highest flexibility. Structured ASIC Intel® eASIC™ devices provide power and cost reduction from an Intel® FPGA solution with a low NRE. When initial customer successes transition to very high volume production Intel® easiccopy™ devices provide OEMs the choice to further reduce cost and power consumption and increase performance via a cell-based ASIC migration.

Partnering with Intel ensures that OEMs have low risk cost reduction solutions from pre-production to very high volume production. Intel® easicopy™ devices provide OEMs with a low risk, vital addition to their existing value engineering programs. OEMs have peace of mind that as their product succeeds in the market they have a solid path to cost reduction, and hence higher gross profit margins.

The Intel® easicopy™ Device Migration Path

You may start your design from any Intel® eASIC™ device and then migrate to a cell-based Intel® easicopy™ device. The packages available are the ones specified for each Intel® eASIC™ device family. If required, Intel engineers can work to design a package compatible with your existing PCB with minimal or no board changes required.