Intel® Wireless Solutions

Get fast, integrated, and converged wireless solutions. Meet the growing demands for higher bandwidth, the high expectations of end users, and massive, mission-critical communications.

Intel® Wi-Fi 6 Products

Intel® Wi-Fi 6 solutions enable the fastest wireless speeds for PCs, more responsive performance, with enhanced security and reliability, especially in dense environments.

Intel® Wireless-AC Products

Intel® Wi-Fi solutions ensure fast and reliable wireless connectivity with your laptop, desktop, or tablet PC when combined with the latest Intel® Core™ processor.

Intel mobile modem solutions for smartphones, tablets, PCs, and IoT devices are fast, flexible, and scalable.

Intel® Wi-Fi 6 (Gig+)

Intel® Wi-Fi 6 (Gig+) products support next generation Wi-Fi technology and deliver best in class performance that enables the fastest downloads for PCs, improved streaming, and more responsive gaming, especially as more devices connect to the same network.

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Intel® Wireless-AC (Gigabit)

Intel® Wireless-AC (Gigabit) products enable fast download speeds and good streaming experiences for mainstream platforms.

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Intel is helping to shape the 5G future by creating the next-gen technology that will enable things like self-driving cars, drone delivery systems, virtual reality, and more, to run on it.

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