Security from POS to Data Center

Protect your customer with a holistic end-to-end security approach that goes beyond PCI and EMV.


Take measures to keep vulnerable hardware and customer data safe with technology that diverts attacks away from data sources.

As a retailer, your reputation is the foundation of your business. Security breaches erode that foundation. U.S. businesses reported 650 data breaches in 2015 alone. In addition to those breaches, there were countless instances of malware attacks and records thefts. Cyberattacks have become as sophisticated as the technologies retailers deploy in their stores, and theft is no longer limited to credit card data. To instill customer trust for the future, retailers need an end-to-end strategy to protect customer personal data and their journey.

Modern security threats often bypass traditional surface level anti-virus protection and embed themselves within firmware or hardware operations. By moving threat protection to hardware and firmware solutions, retailers are better able to prevent data breaches before they start, rather than discovering problems after the fact. Mining of POS devices for customer information becomes outdated. At the data center, all workloads with customer sensitive information are encrypted to protect the privacy of the customers. Retailers leverage the capabilities of Big Data for faster anomaly detection, advanced persistent threats and insider threats.

From 2013 to 2015, 70% of data breaches happened at the POS. Intel® technology can provide stronger encryption within SSDs, I/O port protection, and multifactor authentication to keep data safe, as well as isolate breaches so remediation can happen fast.

It’s not always practical to completely replace a security system, but it is possible to bolster weakened areas while integrating powerful new ones into the chain. A shift in security architecture modeling eliminates the siloing of security operations. This enables quick remediation after an attack, and the quick restoration of normal operations. Powerful data collection tools allow for the creation of comprehensive reporting.

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