Intel’s Security Innovation Is Building the Trusted Foundation for Computing

At Intel, Security Comes First

As cyberattacks move down the layers of the system stack, software-only security is no longer sufficient. Intel’s product security starts at the foundational layer, architected to deliver advanced silicon-enabled security technologies that help protect potential attack surfaces. Our security technologies are meant to operate beyond the reach of potentially corrupted software, which helps create a trusted computing foundation that customers can depend on.

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Security Practices

Intel’s Security First Pledge is an ongoing commitment to product assurance and security. Intel demonstrates this commitment with a multifaceted approach across all products, beginning with Intel’s security development lifecycle (SDL), where security is engineered into products from the outset.

Security Technology

Intel® hardware-enabled security boosts protection and enables the ecosystem to better defend against evolving and modern cybersecurity threats.

Silicon-enabled security technologies help create a trusted foundation, protect workloads, and improve software resilience. This approach enables CSPs, ISVs, OSVs, and OEMs to deliver security-optimized Intel solutions for their customers.

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Intel Security Initiatives

Intel works with partners, customers, and researchers to share hardware and software innovations that will accelerate industry-level progress in cybersecurity. Intel delivers research, initiatives and technologies that help protect data and earn trust through responsiveness, accountability, and transparency.

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Intel's Security Community

To develop advanced, new security solutions, Intel collaborates with developers and the open source community. We work with universities and researchers. And we invest in leading-edge cybersecurity startups through our Intel Capital program.

By adopting Intel-enabled partner solutions, customers can help ensure hardware platform integrity, protect their data and identities, and detect threats. These technologies help CSPs, ISVs, OSVs, and OEMs deliver security-optimized solutions to customers.

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Six Pillars of Technology Innovation for the Next Era of Computing

Intel is innovating across six pillars of technology development to unleash the power of data for the industry and our customers.

No product or component can be absolutely secure.