Eliminate Waste with Real-Time Monitoring and Management

Intel® Data Center Manager

Intel® Data Center Manager is a software solution that collects and analyzes the real-time health, power, and thermals of a variety of devices in data centers—giving you the clarity you need to improve data center reliability and efficiency.


What can you do with Intel® DCM?

  • Automate Health Monitoring
  • Improve System Manageability
  • Simplify Capacity Planning
  • Identify Underutilized Servers
  • Measure Energy Use by Device
  • Pinpoint Power/Thermal Issues
  • Create Power-aware Job Scheduling Tasks
  • Increase Rack Densities
  • Set Power Policies and Caps
  • Improve Data Center Thermal Profile
  • Optimize Application Power Consumption
  • Avoid Expensive PDUs and Smart Power Strips

Real-Time Monitoring and Management—Real Cost Savings

Modernize Your Data Center with Intel® DCM

Intel® DCM is the easiest way to modernize your data center. With out-of-the box support that allows you to painlessly save on CapEx and OpEx, Intel DCM gives you complete visibility and control over your own data or co-location.

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Take Control

Jeff Klaus explains how Intel® Data Center Manager's powerful portfolio of tools helps you lower operational costs, optimize your infrastructure in your own data center or in col-location and take control of remote management.

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Go Free Agent

Intel® Data Center Manager doesn’t require installation of any software agents on managed nodes. See what the software can do.

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What’s the Real Cost of Manual Capacity Planning and Forecasting?

56% of manual planners need to devote more than 40% of their time, every month, to capacity planning and forecasting.

1 in 5 data centers are relying exclusively on rack level thermal sensors and spread sheets to maximize cooling efficiency.

32% of those without DCIM lack enough actionable data to be able to make day to day decisions or long term forecasting.


A look at inefficiencies that cost data centers time and money.

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