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Decathlon* for Data Centers is ABB’s industrial data center solution for monitoring, controlling and optimizing enterprise, co-location and cloud data centers. It collects data from IT, power, cooling and building systems, and its open environment integrates data center toolsets faster, including uploading assets into tracking tools.


Datacenter Clarity LC*

Datacenter Clarity LC* is a comprehensive data center lifecycle management platform powered by Siemens PLM technology that efficiently and accurately manages your infrastructure in real-time. Headquarters: Montreal, Canada. Operations: Worldwide.

Datacenter Clarity LC


Dell PowerEdge* servers feature an advanced version of Dell OpenManage Power Center*, giving data centers more control over their energy consumption levels. Headquarters: Austin, TX, US. Operations: Worldwide.

Dell PowerEdge

Graphical Networks

Graphical Networks’s netTerrain* DCIM is a 100% web-based solution that offers powerful graphic depictions of IT infrastructure, which saves resources and improves service levels. Headquarters: Rockville, MD, US. Operations: Worldwide.

netTerrain DCIM

iG2 Group Inc.

iG2 Group Inc. is a data center company providing practical solutions to help organizations transform their data centers with innovative solutions derived from data-driven insights. Headquarters: Burlington, Ontario, Canada.

iG2 Group Inc.


Lenovo ThinkServer Smart Grid Technology* is a power management solution that helps IT administrators monitor and control power consumption of multiple servers from a central management console. Headquarters: Beijing, China. Operations: Worldwide.

Lenovo ThinkServer Smart Grid Technology


Maguay is a leading data center solutions integrator in Eastern Europe, providing complex turn-key infrastructures using non-proprietary hardware and the best software solutions available. Headquarters: Bucharest, Romania. Operations: EU.



NetZoom Enterprise is a comprehensive DCIM that provides real-time power and thermal monitoring of IT and facility devices, enabling professionals to manage and maximize the efficiency of data center energy consumption. Headquarters: Illinois, US. Operations: Worldwide.


RiT Tech

RiT Tech XpedITe Platform - a unified way to manage converged systems and services in real-time, with intelligent automation and unlimited integration. With fast deployment regardless of the size or complexity of the network, the XpedITe Platform gives IT or Data Center managers real-time management capabilities and full end-to-end visibility and control of their entire environment.

XpedITe Platform - DNIO

Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric’s StruxureWare Data Center Operation* infrastructure management software identifies underutilized and comatose servers, enabling the optimization of IT equipment within the data center. Operations: Worldwide.

StruxureWare Data Center Operation


A key part of Siemens’ comprehensive data center portfolio, Datacenter Clarity LC* efficiently manages data center infrastructure, providing real-time 3D visualization and data center configuration. Data center operators can group similar assets from multiple facilities to compare performance and identify new improvement areas.

Siemens/Datacenter Clarity LC


Sugon’s PowerConf* is a data center energy monitoring and management system, which can dynamically control server power consumption in order to help data centers run more efficiently and cost-effectively. Headquarters: Beijing, China. Operations: China.



SuperCloud Green Data Center Power Consumption Management System* monitors and manages the electricity and heat of the server cluster. The solution can be applied to real-time monitoring, policy control, and data analysis and reporting. Headquarters: Beijing, China. Operations: China.

SuperCloud Green Data Center Power Consumption Management System

Super Micro

Supermicro Power Manager* leverages Intel® Data Center Manager to manage power consumption at both the node and system level on multi-node products like Supermicro's Twin line. Headquarters: San Jose, CA, US. Operations: North America, Europe, and Asia.

Supermicro Power Manager

TKmE Environmental & Power Monitoring

With almost 10 years of experience and more than 200 critical mission rooms monitored, TKmE develops and implements different environmental and power monitoring solutions. Their mission is provide tranquility to their customers with reliable, truthful, and timely information by effectively monitoring their infrastructure and critical environments. With Intel's DCM solution, TKmE provides customers more information and analysis to prevent failures, streamline operations, and save money. Headquarters: Mexico City, Mexico. Operations: Mexican Republic.

TKmE Environmental & Power Monitoring


The HyperCool²* is a waterless, direct-on-chip liquid cooing system. Integrating the Intel® Data Center Manager (Intel® DCM) into ZutaCore's software-defined-cooling (SDC) platform enables virtualization of cooling assets, predictive operations and optimization.