Where Can I Find Intel® Boxed Processor Numbers for Warranty?


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Information about Intel® Boxed Processor numbers for warranty


To process your warranty request, or check your processor's warranty status, you will need two numbers:

  1. Batch number (FPO)
  2. Serial number (ATPO) or partial serial number (partial ATPO).

FPO stands for - Finished Process Order and ATPO stands for Assembly Test Process Order.

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Where to find the numbers for warranty

FPO and ATPO are listed on the packaging of the Intel® Boxed Desktop Processor  
Note This method applies to the universal Intel® Boxed Processor only.

The two numbers are listed on the packaging that shipped with Intel Boxed Processor.

The batch number (FPO) is listed as Batch#, and the full serial number (ATPO) is listed as S/N:

Boxed processor numbers

FPO and ATPO are also part of the processor's markings

Find Intel Xeon processor markings

Note This method applies to the universal and the China Intel® Boxed Processor.

For Intel Core, Pentium, or Celeron follow the steps below.

  1. The batch number (FPO) is located on the top of the processor. 
  2. The partial serial number (partial ATPO) is located on the outside edge of the processor. The partial serial number contains the last three to five digits from the full serial number for the processor. It is printed in human-readable format on the outside edges of the processor.
  3. A 2D matrix contains the full serial number (partial ATPO). This matrix can be read using QR code reading applications that can be installed on most smartphones or by using a third-party tool.

Starting Q1 of year 2022, 12th Gen Intel® Core™ Desktop Processors and later Desktop Processor generations will feature a second 2D Matrix and the new Intel trademark (Intel trademark) on the top of the processor. The second 2D Matrix will have the same full serial number (ATPO) as the first 2D Matrix that is located on the outside edge of the processor.


How to check the warranty status of Intel® Processor


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