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Intel® Wireless Dock Manager

Software Updates

Here are the software downloads for the Intel® Wireless Dock Manager.

How to Factory Reset the Intel® Wireless Dock Manager (Forgot Password)

Factory reset will reset your docking station to factory settings. All previous connections will be forgotten. We recommend that you contact your computer manufacturer for assistance with this procedure.

Find the pin on your station. It may be located on the back or side depending on your computer manufacturer.

  1. Turn off the docking station.
  2. Press the pin and turn on the docking station.
  3. Hold the pin about 5 seconds during reboot.
  4. The docking station will reset. This takes about 30 seconds.
Note After factory reset you will need to reconnect to the dock as if it were the first time you were connecting.
Why does my docking station not show in Intel® Wireless Dock Manager?

Follow this checklist for troubleshooting steps:

  • Make sure that your Intel® Wireless Docking is powered on.
  • Move your laptop closer to the docking station so that is in line-of-sight, and no more than 4 feet (1.5 meters) from your laptop.
  • If you have selected Manual connection, open the Intel® Wireless Dock Manager and follow the prompts to connect to your docking station.
  • Enable the Intel® WiGig radio from the task tray.

Docking Station

Trouble connecting to the docking station
My USB device is very slow when connected to the Intel® Wireless Docking station
Install an earlier firmware version on the docking station
  • Use factory reset to reset the docking station firmware version.

Intel® WiGig

Intel® WiGig isn't responding
Intel® WiGig is disabled


Improve video resolution
  • Check with your computer manufacturer for instructions on how to change your video configuration. The options can vary depending on your graphics adapter and operating system.
Checklist for contacting Intel Customer Support

Intel Customer Support

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