Specification Updates for Intel® Celeron® Processors with LGA775, 478 Pin, or PGA370 Sockets


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Specification updates include errata information, specification changes, specification clarification, and documentation changes. They are intended for hardware system manufacturers and software developers of applications, operating systems, or tools.

The specification updates listed below are for older Intel® Celeron® processors. For newer Celeron processors, see Intel® Celeron® Processor Technical Documents.

Intel® Celeron® Processor Specification Updates


Intel® Celeron® Processor in the 478-Pin Package Specification Update icon
File name: 29074929.pdf
Size: 0.33 MB
Date: October 2006

Intel® Celeron® Processor Specification Update icon
File name: Celeron_public243748.pdf
Size: 0.62 MB
Date: May 2007

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