TA-809: Recovery CD issue for Intel® Entry Storage System SS4000-E


Maintenance & Performance



Intel has discovered an issue with using the recovery CD to restore a disk image. If a disk image is created that is greater than or equal to 50GB in size and the partition option was selected using the Intel® Client Backup and Recovery tool, the recovery CD will not recognize the image. This will not allow a user to restore a disk image to a new disk drive.

The backup data is valid, but the Recovery tool will not recognize the data and restore the image. Version 3.0 build 356P of the Recovery tool will allow previously created backups subject to this issue to be restored.

Technical Advisory 809-1 (PDF) icon
Size: 24 KB
Date: April 2006
Revision: 1.0

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Download the Recover CD 3.0 build 356P, or later version.