Intel® Driver & Support Assistant





What am I seeing?

You try to use the Intel® Driver Update Utility to update the drivers. However, after a reboot, the drivers go automatically to the previous version.

How to fix it.

  1. Uninstall Intel® Driver Update Utility, as it has been discontinued.
  2. Update the drivers by using Intel® Driver & Support Assistant (Intel® DSA).
How do I install the Intel® Driver & Support Assistant? To install the utility:
  1. Download the utility to your system.
  2. Run the setup program by double-clicking Intel® Driver & Support Assistant Installer.exe.
  3. Read and agree to the license terms and conditions.
  4. Select Install. Click the Launch button; the tray icon starts and automatically opens default browser.
In what folder does the Intel® Driver & Support Assistant place the downloaded drivers?

By default, the Intel® Driver & Support Assistant places downloaded drivers in your "Downloads" folder. Typically, that folder is found at
C:\Users\username\Downloads. (Just replace username with your user name.)

To change the location for downloaded drivers:

  1.  Right-click the Tray Icon.
  2.  Click Settings > Default Download Directory.
  3.  Change the location.  If you change the download directory, choose a directory you have read/write access to.
  4. Click Save Changes to save the new location.
How do I run the Intel® Driver & Support Assistant?
  • Right-click the Tray Icon and Check for new drivers; or
  • Go to the Start Menu and look for Intel® Driver & Support Assistant and click to launch scan.


Why doesn't the Intel® Driver & Support Assistant find my hardware?
  • You have an older component.
  • Your component is discontinued or isn't supported.
  • You have a non-Intel® component.
  • You have a custom OEM component.
  • The component isn't in our database.

Check out this list of the excluded Intel drivers.

Note This application doesn't support older versions of Edge or Internet Explorer*. We recommend using Chrome*, Firefox*, or Edge* (version 44.17763/18.17763 or newer) Internet Explorer 11 or newer browsers. Find out how to check your version of Edge.
Unable to use the Intel® Driver & Support Assistant when a newer version is available?

Some users get error codes or messages when trying to upgrade to the latest version of Intel® DSA. These error notifications could be due to a missing file. Steps to try and resolve these errors are given below:

Option 1
  1. Uninstall Intel® DSA via Control Panel.
  2. Delete all old log files from C:\ProgramData\Intel\DSA.
  3. Uninstall Intel® Computing Improvement Program or Intel® Product Improvement Program via Control Panel.
  4. Restart the system.
  5. Go directly to Download Center and do a fresh installation of Intel® DSA.

Option 2

  1. Download the Intel® DSA Uninstaller file.
  2. Go directly to Download Center and do a fresh installation of Intel® DSA.

    If neither of these options resolves the upgrade issue, assist our developers to improve the tool by sending any screenshots of the error and the last DSAUninstaller.log. You can find the location of the log file in File Explorer by searching for it by DSAUninstaller.log. Be sure to send back the most recently dated log. You can send the files to us via an Intel Communities post or by contacting Intel Support.