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Intel branded desktop motherboards were discontinued in 2013. We no longer have the motherboard-specific BIOS source code, build environment, and tools to build new BIOS releases with the microcode update for some discontinued products.

See Facts About Side-Channel Analysis for complete information and Frequently Asked Questions.

BIOS updates are available for these Intel® Desktop Boards. 

Product BIOS ID BIOS version required for fix Availability date
DH87MC MCH8710H.86A Version 0163 or later March 27, 2018
DH87RL RLH8710H.86A Version 0331 or later March 29, 2018
DQ87PG PGQ8710H.86A Version 0154 or later  March 27, 2018
DZ87KLT-75K KLZ8711D.86A Version 0458 or later April 25, 2018
DH77DF, DH77KC KCH7710H.86A Version 0111 or later April 24, 2018
DQ77CP, DQ77MK MKQ7710H.86A Version 0073 or later April 26, 2018
DQ77KB KBQ7710H.86A Version 0060 or later April 24, 2018
DZ68DB DBZ6810H.86A Version 0047 or later April 12, 2018
DQ67SW, DQ67OW, DQ67EP SWQ6710H.86A Version 0069 or later April 20, 2018
DP67BA, DP67DE BAP6710H.86A Version 0082 or later April 17, 2018
DH67BL, DH67CF, DH67CL, DH67GD, 
BLH6710H.86A Version 0162 or later April 17, 2018
DB65AL ALB6510H.86A Version 0057 or later April 19, 2018
DH61HO HOH6110H.86A Version 0815 or later April 23, 2018

BIOS updates won't be available for these Intel® Desktop Boards.

Chipset Series Products
Intel® Desktop Boards with third-party Chipsets D525MW, D510MO, D425KT, D410PT, D2700MUD, D2700DC, D2550MUD2, D2550DC2, D2500HN, D2500CC
Intel® Desktop Boards with Intel® 8 Series Chipsets DB85FL
Intel® Desktop Boards with Intel® 7 Series Chipsets DZ77GA-70K, DZ77GAL-70K, DZ77RE-75K, DZ77BH-55K, DZ77SL-50K, DZ75ML-45K, DX79TO, DX79SR, DX79SI, DH77EB, DB75EN
Intel® Desktop Boards with Intel® 6 Series Chipsets DZ68BC, DZ68ZV, DZ68PL, DZ68AF, DP67BG, DH61SKCH, DH61KVCH, DH61AG, DH61AGL, DH61BE, DH61CR, DH61DL, DH61SA, DH61WW, DH61ZE
Intel® Desktop Boards with Intel® 5 Series Chipsets DX58SO2, DX58SO, DX58OG, DQ57TML, DQ57TM, DP55WG, DP55WB, DP55SB, DP55KG, DH57JG, DH57DD, DH55TC, DH55PJ, DH55HC
Intel® Desktop Boards with Intel® 4 Series Chipsets DX48BT2, DQ45EK, DQ45CB, DQ43AP, DP45SG, DG45ID, DG45FC, DG43TF, DG43RK, DG43NB, DG43GT, DG43BFL, DG43BF, DG41WV, DG41TY, DG41TX, DG41RQ, DG41MJ, DG41CN, DG41BI, DG41AN, DB43LD
Intel® Desktop Boards with Intel® 3 Series Chipsets DX38BT, DQ35MP, DQ35JO, DQ33HS, DP35DP, DG35EC, DG33TL, DG33FB, DG33BU, DG31PR, DG31GL
Intel Desktop Boards with legacy chipsets (earlier than 3 Series) also don't have BIOS updates available.
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