Intel® Optane™ Memory Pinning in Windows* File Explorer Not Available after Installing the Intel® RST 16.7 Driver





During validation, an issue was encountered in the Intel® RST version 16.7 driver/applications. This results in the system staying in C0 and not able to enter C10 core idle power state. This could also result in an increase in Windows* File Explorer CPU utilization.

This is related to the Intel® Optane™ Memory Pinning Explorer Extensions, which when installed, enables pinning through Windows* File Explorer.

To mitigate the impact of this issue, these extensions were removed from the default installation with the Intel® RST 16.7 driver package on a clean OS installation.

  • If the system previously contained the Intel® RST driver/application version 16.5, the extensions will remain present on the system when upgrading to the 16.7 version and this issue will continue to affect them.
    • To mitigate, the 'Intel Optane Pinning Explorer Extensions' should be removed from the system (Win+X -> Apps and Features)
  • Pinning through the application isn't impacted and is still available after installation of the Intel® RST version 16.7 driver.

If you wish to still use the pinning capability in the Windows File Explorer, it is best to update to the latest supported drivers and software (version 16.8.3)