Firmware Updates for Intel® Optane™ Persistent Memory


Install & Setup



Where can I find the latest Intel® Optane™ PMem firmware to update my device?
Intel® Optane™ PMem firmware (FW) is released from internal Platform Portals. The download site requires a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). Your system vendor should access the site for FW downloads. Contact the system vendor. You can also request information about approved versions between BIOS and Intel® Optane™ PMem FW.

Note Firmware for non-Intel boards is supplied by the motherboard manufacturer, and must be obtained from them. Intel cannot supply firmware for non-Intel motherboards.

Steps for customers with Platform Portal access:

  • Download site access with an NDA.
  • In the box at the left, click View/Search All Kits.
  • In the Kits top right Search, enter “Purley Refresh - Cascade Lake BKC”.
  • Select the KitNumber to download files.


Update procedure 

The information below provides firmware update and verification procedures for the Intel® Optane™ DC persistent memory.

Note Before the firmware update, install the open source Linux* management tool.

To check the current firmware version, use the Show Dimm Firmware command.

ipmctl show -dimm -firmware

Firmware update requires a power cycle where the command above displays up to two firmware versions.

  • Firmware should be *bin file such as fw_ekvb0_1.2.0.5365_*.bin
  • Active FW Version is the firmware that is currently executing.
  • Staged FW Version will be executed after the next power cycle.
  • If for any reason the firmware update fails to load properly after the power cycle, the firmware will fall-back to the previously active version.
  1. After downloading the <*.bin> firmware image file to the target system, ensure the firmware image is valid and supported, using the examine option.

    ipmctl load -source (firmware file) -examine -dimm

  2. Then update the firmware image with following command. It is recommended that all firmware in the system have same versions, although updating the firmware on individual modules is supported.

    ipmctl load -source (firmware file) -dimm

  3. Verify Staged FW Version is according to update.

    ipmctl show -dimm -firmware

  4. Power cycle the server and confirm the Active FW Version is the latest version.

    ipmctl show -dimm -firmware