How to Adjust Game Settings in the Intel® Graphics Command Center


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There are several features that are present within the Game/Application Settings page of the Intel® Graphics Command Center. These features enable control of the 3D environment of a particular game or application based on your requirements.

To get an enhanced end-user experience, the Intel® Graphics Command Center provides a list of advanced features to enable customization of every in-game detail effectively. These settings are listed below:

  • Anti-aliasing
  • Anisotropic Filtering
  • Adaptive Tessellation (available only on platforms with 10th Generation Intel® Core™ Processors or newer)
Note The Intel® Graphics Command Center automatically optimizes the game settings (in-game) to best suit the given Intel Graphics hardware for all the supported games that are installed on the system.

Follow the instructions below to enable or disable the settings listed above:

  1. From the Windows Start Menu, search for the Intel Graphics Command Center. Double-click the Intel Graphics Command Center icon to open the application.
  2. In Home, click the game or application you would like to customize. Clicking any game or application will take you to the settings page specific for the game/application.
  3. Click the enable/disable button or select an option from the drop-down menu for the desired setting.
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