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How to Add a Contact to an Intel® Partner Alliance Account


Steps to add a new employee to an Intel® Partner Alliance account

  • Can't find the Add a Contact button on the Intel® Partner Alliance web site.
  • Unable to add contacts

There are two ways to add a contact/employee to an existing Intel® Partner Alliance account.

  1. Employees can self-register by visiting the Intel® Partner Alliance page
    • Click the Join Now button and follow the instructions.
  2. Partner Admins can also add employees to the account. See instructions below.

Step 1

Log in at the Intel® Partner Alliance.

Click the Company profile link.

example image

From the Company Profile page, click the Manage Personnel button link.

example image

Step 2

In Manage Personnel, you must first search for the employee address you wish to add. This is to avoid duplicate entries.

example image

If the user is not already enrolled, a button labeled Invite a User will appear.

example image

Step 3

After the Invite a User form is completed, an email will be sent to the new contact asking them to complete the registration process.

example image


The email contains a registration that expires after 24 hours for security reasons.

Additional information

If you encountered the error: "List index out of bounds: 0 while adding a contact", please contact Intel Customer Support and provide the screenshot of the error.



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