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Why do I get the following Internal Error message when compiling PCI Express design in Quartus II software?


  • Quartus® II Subscription Edition

    Critical Issue


    Due to a bug in the Quartus® II software, "Rapid recompile" can cause Internal Errors when compiling PCI Express Hard IP (under Settings --> Compilation Process Settings --> Incremental Compilation).

    Internal Error: Sub-system: HSSI, File: /quartus/periph/hssi/hssi_module.cpp, Line: 2393
    Different number of RX (0) and TX (8) connected to HIP
    Stack Trace:
        0xb5fbd: HSSI::hssi_legality_checker_are_coreclk_connections_valid 0x4b89d (periph_hssi)
        0xb6271: HSSI::hssi_legality_checker_are_coreclk_connections_valid 0x4bb51 (periph_hssi)

        0x53c23: FPP_VAR::as_hash 0x7e3 (periph_fpp)
        0x53d8a: FPP_VAR::as_hash 0x94a (periph_fpp)
        0x27e6a: FSV_LCELL_LEGALITY::hle_is_legal 0x3ada (fitter_fsv)
        0x1307f: fsv_execute 0x312f (fitter_fsv)
        0x195f3: fsv_execute 0x96a3 (fitter_fsv)
        0x46762: FITCC_EXPERT::fitter_preparation 0x222 (FITTER_FITCC)
        0x490b7: FITCC_EXPERT::invoke_fitter 0x437 (FITTER_FITCC)
        0x101e3: fsv_execute 0x293 (fitter_fsv)
         0xc063: fmain_start 0x823 (FITTER_FMAIN)

        0x12718: QEXE_ARGS::get_command_line 0x1ca8 (comp_qexe)
        0x15a7a: qexe_process_cmdline_arguments 0x5aa (comp_qexe)
        0x15b91: qexe_standard_main 0xa1 (comp_qexe)

         0x4d78: msg_exe_fini 0x58 (CCL_MSG)
         0x55bc: msg_exe_fini 0x89c (CCL_MSG)
         0x1a94: MEM_SEGMENT_INTERNAL::~MEM_SEGMENT_INTERNAL 0x1a4 (ccl_mem)
         0x61ef: msg_exe_main 0x8f (CCL_MSG)

        0x1652c: BaseThreadInitThunk 0xc (kernel32)
        0x2c520: RtlUserThreadStart 0x20 (ntdll)


    Resolution To workaround this iss please disable the \'Rapid recompile\' option.
    This problem will be fixed in a future version of the Quartus II software.

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