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How can I set the power supply voltages of the transceivers for PowerPlay Power Analyzer (PPPA) in Arria V, Cyclone V or Stratix V devices?



When the PowerPlay Power Analyzer (PPPA) is executed in the Quartus® II software for transceiver based designs targeting Arria® V, Cyclone® V or Stratix® V devices, the power supply voltages of the transceivers may be automatically determined by the transceiver usage (like data rate setting).  Although the Quartus II software has options for transceiver power supply voltages in the Voltage setting of Operating Settings and Conditions category under Settings, they are ignored by the PPPA. 

For example, in Cyclone V devices, the PPPA automatically sets VCCE_GXB and VCCL_GXB to 1.1V when using PCIe Gen1 whose data rate is 2.5Gbps, whilst it automatically sets them to 1.2V when PCIe Gen2 is used, whose data rate is 5.0Gbps.  But you can supply 1.2V to VCCE_GXB and VCCL_GXB in your design with PCIe Gen1 too.


To set the power supply voltages of the transceivers based on your design usage, you can use the following assignment using Assignment Editor:


  1. Choose VCCA_GXB Voltage in Assignment Name column 
  2. Choose voltage in Value column


  1. Choose VCCR_GXB/VCCT_GXB Voltage in Assignment Name column
  2. Choose voltage in Value column

For details about these assignments, refer to the Altera Transceiver PHY IP Core User Guide

Also, refer to the respective device handbook, datasheet or Pin Connection Guidelines for more details of transceiver power supply voltage settings.

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