Product Discontinuance Notifications

We have discontinued the software. Please contact your Intel sales representative to request access to the discontinued software. If your request is approved, you will receive a link via email to download the software.

Software affected:

  • Jam STAPL Byte-Code Compiler
  • Jam STAPL Byte-Code Player
  • Jam STAPL Player
  • 8051 Jam Byte Code Player
  • Data Conversion Utility
  • SVF2Jam Utility
  • LAT2Jam Utility
  • IDCODE Reader
  • ByteBlaster™ and ByteBlasterMV™ Drivers
  • VHDL 93 Simulation Model Library
  • Stand-Alone Programmer (ASAP2) (version 10.23)
  • JRunner Software
  • SRunner Software
  • MicroBlaster™ Software
  • Ethernet Blaster Firmware Upgrade
  • EthernetBlaster II Firmware Upgrade