MAX® PowerPlay Early Power Estimator Download

The MAX® PowerPlay early power estimator provides a current (ICC) and power (P) estimate based on the typical conditions of room temperature and nominal VCC. The calculator also provides a thermal analysis section to verify that the selected package meets the thermal requirements of the design. These calculations should only be used as an estimation of power, not as a specification. The actual ICC should be verified during device operation, as this measurement is sensitive to the actual pattern in the device and the environmental operating conditions.

To use the MAX PowerPlay early power estimator, follow these instructions:
Note: To use the MAX PowerPlay early power estimator, Microsoft Excel must be installed on your PC.

  1. Download the MAX PowerPlay early power estimator to your desktop or desired folder, and open the spreadsheet.
  2. Select the target MAX device family, device, package, and temperature grade from the drop-down boxes in the Device section.
  3. Enter in the requested values for any power consumption section. ICC and P values are calculated automatically, and an ICC and P subtotal are given for each section. To get help with the column categories or values to be entered, click on the cell in question.