Programming Tools

There are several programming tools available from Intel and third party vendors for use in programming Intel® configuration devices and CPLDs and in configuring Intel® FPGAs. This page is a guide to complete information on the programming tools now available that support Intel FPGAs.

Available Programming Tools

  • Intel FPGA Programming Tools ›
    These include Intel download cables, Intel FPGA Programming Unit (APU) and Intel FPGA programming software
  • In-Circuit Testers ›
    In-circuit testers used to program and verify CPLDs that support in-system programmability (ISP)
  • Boundary-Scan Tools ›
    Boundary-scan tools used to program and verify CPLDs that support ISP
  • Third Party Programmer ›
    Third-party programming hardware that supports programming Intel FPGAs
  • IEEE 1532 Programming ›
    Intel ISP-based devices that support programming using the IEEE 1532 standard
  • Jam STAPL ›
    The Jam Standard Test and Programming Language (STAPL) portable embedded tool used to program all CPLDs or configuration devices and to configure all FPGA devices that support IEEE Standard 1149.1