Intel 5G Vision: AI Fuels Innovation

5G is more than just a new standard for networking. It’s the beginning of a revolution. For the first time, we have a standard that focuses on enterprises, verticals, and things. Yes, it’s about transforming business, but it’s also about transforming people’s lives. Today, only about 2-4 percent of data is analyzed at the edge. The idea with 5G is to analyze up to 75 percent of data at the edge by 2024. For that, you need connectivity and edge compute. Going one step further, 5G, AI, and edge compute together, are the game-changers of our generation. AI-driven data processing is changing how society functions by connecting data together, from edge to cloud across a transformed network. At the same time, AI helps to simplify the operation of 5G and create opportunities for innovative services across the network. Intel offers a broad portfolio for the 5G, AI, and edge compute era, including CPUs, FPGAs, structured eASIC, custom ASIC, and edge products. Together, they provide the foundation of 5G—from the cloud to the network to the edge. That enables network service providers to monetize services, efficiently deploy, and expand reach across industries and verticals.



5G is a total new revolutionary phase that we enter into. For the first time, we have a standard called 5G, which really focuses on the enterprises and verticals and [? things. ?] It's about transforming business, but it's also about transforming people's lives.

Today, only about 2% to 4% of data is actually analyzed on the edge. The idea was to be able to analyze up to 75% data by 2024. For that, you need connectivity and you need edge computing. 5G, edge compute AI together are the game changers of our generation.

AI is changing how the societies function, our future, how we're going to go and ingest all the data. But the fact that you're connecting the data together really enables AI to [? take ?] [? hold. ?] At the same time, also AI helps 5G, because 5G now is getting so complex, we need AI to help us simplify the operation.

We have probably the broadest range of product portfolio. We have the CPU anywhere from Xenon to Atom. We have FPGA.

We also now have structured ASIC product. We have custom ASICs. We have Movidius VPUs. So all of that together provides the backbone of the platform, from the cloud, to the network, to the edge.

Software-wise, we've been working with the open source community forever. And we have OpenVINO. That's for AI.

We have Edge Analytics Suite. We have OpenNESS. We also have reference assigned for 5G, the entire 5G stack, to enable our customer to quickly bring up their product.

Intel really is in the best position, because we bring our heritage from the cloud enterprise into the network to help the network service providers to monetize, to deploy efficiently, but also to expand the 5G reach beyond just the consumer phones, into different enterprises, the verticals-- what I called the CIO space.