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The type of data you want to use makes a big difference to the infrastructure decisions you should make, both in terms of hardware and software.

Structured data is where most start today, and includes information like financial, customer relationship management (CRM), and sensor data. Unstructured data is becoming much more common but takes more resource to process – for example raw text, web pages, and voice data.

For deployments that require low-latency results, the location of your data and the hardware used to process it is essential. For less time-sensitive applications, running training and inference in the data center may be the best choice – but the question of cloud and on-premise remains.

The IoT will include a projected 200bn devices by 2020, and the data produced is expected to total 40 zettabytes by that time.

Modern data management infrastructure is essential to cope with the strain this will cause and take advantage of the opportunity it poses. Optimized data tiering and performance technology is emerging now that will enable this.