Reliable PC Image Deployment

Ensure stability, availability, and IT reliability for future growth.1

A reliable PC platform offers stability and availability that can scale for future growth. Learn how your business can achieve a cost-effective PC imaging and PC life cycle management strategy.

More-Efficient PC Imaging on a Stable Platform

PC image deployment can be challenging because of frequent driver updates and incompatibilities that require retesting and validation. IT teams can overcome these challenges with a PC platform that assures stability based on extensively tested and verified components with limited updates over a period of time. A stable, validated platform makes it effortless to manage life cycle complexities, reduce incident count, and experience flexible transitions to new technologies, helping ensure the continuity of business operations.

Challenges in PC Management and Imaging

Managing a business PC fleet has become more complex, due to the sheer volume of software updates and driver incompatibilities involved in today’s IT environment. This can cause challenges with PC imaging in particular.

PC imaging, or system imaging, helps IT teams rapidly set up and configure multiple PC form factors for users. An image requires extensive system testing and validation to ensure driver compatibility and that applications work properly. This qualification process can take up to 90 days prior to rolling out images across the business.

Frequent driver and software updates mean retesting to validate updated configurations. IT teams also must schedule and deploy a new rollout, which can be disruptive to employees.

With stability out of the box, the Intel vPro® platform gives IT control over the PC management life cycle and delivers the latest platform technologies in one integrated and validated solution.

Benefits of a Stable Platform

Having a reliable platform designed to scale for future growth helps businesses avoid the network or software compatibility problems that may arise when deploying less stable computing infrastructure. Stable platforms also give users peace of mind, knowing they can expect their PCs to perform well for years, with minimal downtime or disruption.

Stability and PC Life Cycle Management with the Intel vPro® Platform

With stability out of the box, the built for business Intel vPro® platform gives IT control over the PC management life cycle. It delivers the latest PC platform technologies in one integrated and validated solution, providing IT and end users with the stability and reliability of a true business-class device. Devices are assured by one of the most rigorous validation processes in the industry with thousands of tests and feedback loops that certify that devices are built for business.

Extensive Testing and Validation

Intel vPro® platform architects work closely with device manufacturers to rigorously test a comprehensive list of business-class Intel® components, including processors, graphics, chipsets, and networking. This results in improved quality, reliability, and compatibility, reducing the burden on IT.

Robust Support for Windows* 10 Updates

Intel validates multiple versions of Windows* 10 on any given generation of the platform, allowing businesses to perform OS migration on their own schedule and take advantage of extended support from Microsoft for any given OS release.

PC Life Cycle Management

Devices on the Intel vPro® platform feature Intel® Active Management Technology with IT system deployment tools that enable IT administrators to update systems remotely, remotely wipe systems to install a new image, and gain visibility into the preboot environment of a system to see the code below the operating system.

Ideal for Hybrid Environments

The Intel vPro® platform is designed to support stable, secure endpoints for a hybrid application environment so that IT teams can deploy on-premise and cloud-based applications, in whatever combination makes the most sense for their business.

Availability for One Year

Intel works with device manufacturers to offer global SKUs for at least 12 months and extended product support.

Minimize Changes

As part of the Intel® Stable IT Platform Program (Intel® SIPP) the Intel vPro® platform puts IT in the driver’s seat by minimizing component platform updates for at least 15 months or until the next generational release.

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Les scénarios de réduction de coûts décrits sont fournis à titre d'exemples montrant comment un produit basé sur Intel® donné, dans les circonstances et configurations spécifiées, peut affecter les coûts futurs et entraîner des économies de coûts. Les circonstances seront différentes. Intel ne garantit aucun coût ni réduction de coûts.