Smarter Kiosks, Easier Service, Lower Total Cost of Ownership 

The new Intel® Smart Kiosk Module (Intel® SKM) is a revolutionary solution that makes it easier to scale and maintain interactive kiosks, which are increasingly being used by businesses and governments worldwide to offer customers around-the-clock access to information and services.

As the market for interactive kiosks increases, so does the demand for smarter multi-function kiosks with advanced capabilities such as workload consolidation, artificial intelligence, smartphone and social media integration, 5G connectivity, telepresence, remote manageability, and data analytics.

The Intel SKM answers that demand by enabling organizations across many verticals to simplify and streamline their use of intelligent interactive kiosks, and deliver a growing array of business and customer benefits, while increasing revenue and reducing their overall costs.

Incorporating high-speed PCIe* connectivity, a standard one-size-fits-all compute module, and a separate peripheral interface board (PIB), the compute module (which is the same size and shape for every type of kiosk), supports many different CPUs. The modular design makes it easy to access, service, replace or upgrade the compute module without unplugging and reattaching multiple cables. Intel SKM also offers backward compatibility with the two Intel® Smart Display Module (Intel® SDM) form factors for integrated displays, so organizations that are already using one or both can capitalize on their previous technology investments by integrating and leveraging those resources with Intel SKM.

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