Welcome to The Inside Edge with Steen Graham

Sit down with Intel IoT GM, Steen Graham, for some intelligence at the edge. This series of quick-hitting discussions dives into the ideas, innovations, and real-world applications of edge AI that are transforming the way we work and live.

Episode 1:
Eras of Computing

To demonstrate how far we’ve come, Steen starts from the beginning and recounts the rapid evolution of computing. He traces the technologies to the present-day edge computing era and discusses the paradigm shift that this latest innovation represents.

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Episode 2:
4 Laws at the Edge

Steen provides context for understanding edge computing, explaining why four simple laws have made a highly reliable, localized computing infrastructure a necessity in today’s connected world.

Intel 5G

Episode 3:
The Layers of AI

Steen defines Artificial Intelligence before breaking down its constituent technologies—Machine Learning and Deep Learning—and showing how they all relate to one another.

Intel AI in Production

Episode 4:
AI from Prototype to Production

Steen addresses the challenge of deploying AI across diverse architecture, showing how innovations like the OpenVINO™ toolkit are helping developers bridge the gap from software development in the cloud to implementation in the physical world.

Intel AI in Production

Episode 5:
Edge Use Cases

From healthcare to manufacturing to retail, Steen explores real-world applications of edge computing to demonstrate how edge infrastructure, powered by Intel, can enable new experiences for customers and disrupt entire industries.

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