Online Safety for Kids

The Internet has a world of information and entertainment to offer. But how can kids make sure they’re behaving safely? Our Online Safety for Kids program is designed to help.

About Our Online Safety for Kids Program

Intel IT Information Security is pleased to offer a do-it-yourself program designed to help teach children (ages 5-18) how to stay safe online.1 2 3

It’s important for kids of all ages—young children, pre-teens, and teenagers—to know how to use the Internet safely and responsibly. We provide presentations to help you build your loved ones’ understanding of online safety with age-appropriate discussion topics. These include:

  • How to protect your personal information to help prevent identity theft or dangerous situations
  • How to avoid viruses that infect your computer, phone, tablet, or other device
  • How what you say, do, and post online can have a lasting impact
  • How to identify and avoid cyber bullying

The goal of this program is simple: to encourage your kids to stop and think about cyber risks before, during, and after they get online.

What Did You Think?

Once your family has completed the training, we invite you to take a moment to share your feedback. Your input will help us continually improve our program.

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