Accelerate Transformation to Industry 4.0 Enabling Smart and Connected Systems in Field, Edge & Cloud

Industrial products play a big role in delivering technology that impacts the world around us. Intel is delivering solutions to enable innovation from edge to cloud in industrial automation. With Intel® FPGAs, industries are enabled to develop safe, reliable and optimized designs. Intel provides a wide range of FPGA and ARM® core integrated SoC devices, tools, IPs, reference solutions etc. that caters to diverse application use cases including artificial intelligence, edge computing and robotics.

Intel's Edge-Centric FPGAs

Built for low power and cost-sensitive applications; and with over 2.5 billion Intel® MAX® and Intel® Cyclone® FPGA devices sold, these FPGAs have the flexibility and longevity that engineers need to deploy at the edge and beyond.


Solutions and Use Cases

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