What Is Computer Vision?

Computer vision uses artificial intelligence to “see” and interpret visual data and can be deployed in cameras, edge servers, or the cloud.

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Seeing the Future, Today

There’s a lot to learn from watching your business: for example, how customers move through your stores and what they look at, where your production line slows down, or what inventory needs to be restocked. But it’s not humanly possible to keep an eye on business all the time. That’s where computer vision steps in.

Intel® technologies power vision solutions that enterprises can deploy today—with the flexibility to adapt for future use cases. With computer vision, companies of all sizes can unleash AI in edge devices (like cameras), in edge servers, or in the cloud.

What Is Computer Vision?

Computer vision combines cameras, edge- or cloud-based computing, software, and artificial intelligence (AI) to enable systems to “see” and identify objects. Intel has a rich portfolio of technologies to enable AI, including CPUs for general purpose processing and computer vision and vision processing units (VPUs) to provide acceleration. Valuable in a wide range of environments, computer vision systems can recognize objects and people quickly, analyze audience demographics, inspect manufactured products, and much more.

Computer vision uses deep learning to form neural networks that guide systems in their image processing and analysis. Once fully trained, computer vision models can perform object recognition, detect and recognize people, and even track movement.

Intelligence Everywhere

With the powerful combination of edge and cloud computing, businesses can create a future in which applications dynamically move across the organization to where the greatest value can be found.

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Computer Vision Use Cases

Today’s computer vision systems support a range of industries, from manufacturing to retail to finance, helping businesses extend and enhance AI at the edge. Object detection, object recognition, and object classification are the key functions in computer vision systems today.

AI and Computer Vision Success Stories

AI and computer vision technologies and capabilities are changing constantly. See what’s possible with real-world customer success stories using the Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit.

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Computer Vision for Smart Cities

Smart city technologies can help gather video feeds from the streets, so city leaders can make smarter operational decisions.

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Machine Vision

This type of computer vision helps advance industrial IoT and automation by enabling equipment monitoring, predictive maintenance, and more.

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Shopper Analytics in Retail

Computer vision can help retailers understand where to place products, determine when inventory needs re-stocking, and get a better picture of customer demographics.


Object Detection and Recognition

With these capabilities, smart cities can track vehicles and adjust traffic light timings to alleviate congestion, manufacturers can identify defects, and retailers can enhance inventory management.

Robotic Process Automation

Machines can accomplish specialized functions with computer vision guiding robots to perform repetitive, precise work with exceptional accuracy.

Fraud Detection

Banking kiosks embedded with computer vision enable facial recognition for an additional layer of security authentication. Systems can identify if an unauthorized user attempts to access an account.

Intel® Vision Portfolio

Deploy edge AI solutions for vision and more, exactly where they’re needed to achieve real-time responses and gain insights fast.

Hardware Choice for Design Flexibility

Intel® architecture enables computer vision that can be partitioned flexibly between the data center and the edge. Our robust portfolio of hardware lets you choose your combination of performance, price, and power, so you can meet the needs of virtually any use case in any market.

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Ecosystem Enablement

The Intel® AI: In Production ecosystem focuses on reducing deployment complexities, promoting partner AI offerings, matchmaking among our community partners, and integrating with Intel’s partner programs to help deploy and scale solutions for AI at the edge.

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