Are You a Machine Vision Developer?

Intel gives you a powerful, growing foundation for machine vision solutions. We provide optimized neural network models for defect detection and predictive maintenance, plus development tools and pre validated middleware you can use to build smart manufacturing systems.

They’re all free to download, use, and license.

What Is Machine Vision?

Machine vision can give machines like robotic welders, conveyors, and sorters the ability to see, analyze, and act on their own. Learn how deep learning and machine vision can help your smart factory.

Get Up and Running with Market-Tested Solutions

Intel partners who specialize in machine vision have the solutions and the expertise you need to put the latest advances in industrial computing and AI to work in your business.

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Tell us about your machine vision or industrial AI solution and unlock opportunities to partner with Intel.

Infos sur le produit et ses performances

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3Create AI-Enabled Contact Lens Inspection Solution, May 2020.