Workstations Powered by Intel

The Ultimate Professional Workstation1

Stationary and mobile workstations powered by Intel® Xeon® processors and Intel® Core™ processors offer a powerful, reliable, manageable, and future-ready platform.

Workstations Deliver the Features Professionals Demand

Finding the Right Processor for You

Workstations with Intel® Xeon® processors address the challenges power users face.

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Architecture & Engineering

Sharpen Your Design Tools

Intel® Xeon® processors offer a robust foundation for user workstations by accommodating the data-intense applications and renderings involved in engineering, architecture, and construction.

Media & Entertainment

Optimize Your Creative Process

Intel® Xeon® processor-based workstations, available in laptop or stationary form factors, provide outstanding performance and expanded platform capabilities for professionals creating 3D rendering, visual effects, complex CAD, AI development, and more.

Data Science

Derive Deeper Data Insights

Workstations with Intel® Xeon® processors offer cost-effective performance and security for data science workloads hosted on-premise, at the edge, or in combination with cloud services.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Push the Frontiers of AI

Workstations featuring Intel® Xeon® processors enable a variety of AI workloads ranging from entry-level phase inferencing to expert-level deep learning inferencing and training.

Infos sur le produit et ses performances


Ces informations sont basées sur les nouveaux produits et fonctionnalités Intel® en comparaison avec les produits et fonctionnalités Intel d'anciennes générations. Sauf indication contraire, les informations et exemples faisant référence aux processeurs évolutifs Intel® Xeon® sont fournis sur la base d'une configuration à deux sockets. Les informations et exemples faisant référence aux processeurs Intel® Xeon® W sont fournis sur la base de configurations mono-socket uniquement.