IPMI Adopters List

The Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) specification will continue to improve server management and help reduce costs. IPMI helps lower the overall costs of server management by enabling customers to save time, maximize IT resources, and potentially manage multi-vendor environments in the same way. The current specification defines common interfaces that allow IT managers to receive status alerts, send instructions to industry-standard servers, and run diagnostics over a network versus locally at the server.

The Industry Promoters, Adopters and Contributors table shows the most current list of those approved to work with the IPMI program.

Industry Promoters, Adopters, and Contributors (updated 6/30/2014)


ABIT Computer Corp.

Gambit Communications1

Qlogic Corporation

Acer Incorporated

GE Intelligent Platforms 1

SANgate Systems, Inc.

Acxiom Corporation1

Gluon Networks, Inc.

Sanritz Automation Co., Ltd.


GNHSoft, Inc.1

SBS Technologies, Inc.2

AdRem Software1

GoAhead Software, Inc.

Scenix Semiconductor, Inc.


HADCO Corporation

Schroff GmbH1

Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.2

IEI Integration Corp.1

SeaMicro, Inc.1

Advantech Co., Ltd.1

INLINE Corporation1

Sena Technologies Inc.1


InnoMediaLogic Inc

Sentry Software1

Agilent Technologies GmbH2

Insyde Software, Inc.1

Siemens Nixdorf Informationssysteme AG

Alberta Microelectronic Corporation

Integra Micro Systems (P) Ltd.

Signalion GmbH1

Alliance Semiconductor Corporation1

Intel Corporation2

Silicon Graphics, Inc.

Allion Computer Inc.

Intelliam, Inc.2

SKY Computers, Inc

Altiris, Inc.1

Interactive Intelligence1

SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory1

American Megatrends Incorporated2

Interphase Corporation


Amphus Inc.

InterWorks Computer Products

Snap Appliance

Ample Communications Inc.1

Inventec Corporation

Stan Cox & Associates

Arima Computer Corp.

Ipex ITG

Standard Microsystems Corporation

Artesyn Communication Products, Inc.


Storage Gear, LLC1


Kaparel Corporation

StrataLight Communications, Inc.

ASPEED Technology Inc.1

Katana Technology, Inc.1

Stratus Computer Systems Ireland Ltd.

ASUSTek Computer Incorporated

Kealia, Inc.

STAr Technologies, Inc.1

ATEN International Co., Ltd.1

Kontron Canada, Inc.1

STROM telecom1

Aventail Corporation

Kraftway Corporation PLC1

Summit Microelectronics, Inc.

Avian Communications

L-3 Communications Corporation

Super Micro Computer, Inc.

Avocent Corporation

LANDesk Software

SyAM Software Inc.

Axil Computer, Inc.


Symbium Corporation2

Blue Wave Systems

Legend (Beijing) Limited

Symphony Group International Co., Ltd

Broadcom Corporation1

LeoStream Corp.

Synergy Microsystems

Bull S.A.

Lightfleet Corporation1


C&D Technologies, Inc.

Linux NetworX, Inc.


California Digital Corp.

Lucent Technologies Inc.1

Technobox, Inc.


Lynux Works, Inc.

Teknor Applicom Inc.

ColoWATCH, Inc

Macrolink, Inc.


Communication Automation Corporation

MagneTek, Inc.

Texas Micro Corporation

Compellent Technologies, Inc.2

Marvell International Ltd.1

The SCO Group Inc.1

Concurrent Technologies PLC2

MEGWARE Computer GmbH

Togabi Technologies Inc.

Convey Computer Corporation2

Mercury Computer Systems, Inc.

Toshiba Corporation2

CorEdge Networks Inc.1


Trilogic Systems, LLC

C-MAC Engineering

Micro-Star Int'l2

Trimm Technologies

CyberGuard Corporation

Mindspeed Technologies, Inc.

Tyan Computer Corporation

Cyclades Corporation2

Mirapoint, Inc.

Unisys Corporation1

Cypress Semiconductor1

MiTAC International Corp.

Universal Scientific Industrial Corporation

Data General Corporation

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Information Systems Engineering Center

University of New Hampshire - Interoperability Laboratory

Decru, Inc.

Motorola Computer Group

Urban Robotics1

Dell Computer Corporation2

National Semiconductor Corporation

USAR Systems Inc.

Degree Controls, Inc.2

NEC Corporation2


Demac Associates

Nematron Corporation

VadaTech Inc.1

Digi International

Netronome Systems1

Verax Systems Corp.1

Egenera, Inc.

Network Appliance, Inc.

VIA Technologies, Inc.2

ElanVital Corporation

Network Engines, Inc.

Virtium Technology, Inc.1


Network Storage Solutions, Inc.

Vitesse Semiconductor Corporation2

Ericsson UAB


Vividon, Inc.

ESO Technologies

NOCpulse, Inc.

Vooha Inc.

Eurosoft (UK) Ltd.1

Novell, Inc.1

Watrin System Design

Evans & Sutherland

Olidata S.p.A

Wellsyn Technology, Inc.1

Eversys Corporation

Olivetti Computers Worldwide

Wickenby, Ltd.2

Exabyte Corporation

Open Source Development Lab

Winbond Electronics Corporation

Extreme Engineering Solutions, Inc. (XES)

Opus Innovations LLC1

Wind River Systems1

Fabric7 Systems, Inc.

Oracle America, Inc.


First International Computer, Inc.

OSA Technologies

WireSpeed Communications Corporation1

Flexcomm Limited1

Pegatron Corporation1

Wistron Corporation2

Flextel SpA

PEP Modular Computers


Flextronics International2

Peppercon AG1

Xembedded, Inc.2

FORCE Computers GmbH

PetaStream Inc.

Xiotech Corporation

Forward Technologies

Performance Technologies, Inc.

Xynatex Technology Ltd.1

Freedom Technologies Corporation (FreeBSD Systems)

PFU Limited

Ziatech Corporation

FreeIPMI Core Team

Phoenix Technologies Ltd.

ZNYX Networks, Inc.

Fujitsu Limited2

Pigeon Point Systems2


Fujitsu Siemens Computers

Pinnacle Data Systems, Inc.



Polaris Networks1



Praim, Inc.


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Signed IPMI v2.0 adopters agreement only.


Signed both IPMI 1.5 and 2.0 adopters agreements.