Six Pillars of Technology Innovation for the Next Era of Computing

Intel is innovating across six pillars of technology development to unleash the power of data for the industry and our customers.

Welcome to the Data-Centric Future

Imagine a world with fewer limits. A world in which architects are free to pick the best type of compute for the job and deploy it anywhere, effortlessly. A world in which developers can work seamlessly across hardware types, and data flows freely without hitting bottlenecks in memory or interconnect. A world of rich, insightful data that’s there when you need it.

Intel helped define the modern world of computing. Now, as we have evolved from our role as a PC-centric company to becoming a data-centric company, we measure our progress beyond advances in transistors and CPUs. With innovation across our six fundamental technology pillars, we are shaping the data-centric future. A future in which Intel powers the world—and democratizes compute power for all.

Innovations in Process and Packaging

Intel is welcoming a new paradigm for Moore’s Law. Our advances in transistors, packaging, and chip design are driving performance leaps in computing. No other company has our unique set of complementary capabilities that will redefine what’s possible in computing.


Road map of innovation to set the pace for extraordinary progress.


A catalyst to enable completely new approaches in system architecture.


Integrated device manufacturer (IDM) for best-in-class products.

Diverse Architectures. Unprecedented Choice.

Computing applications have become increasingly varied, and different types of workloads require different types of computing architectures. Intel is uniquely positioned to deliver a diverse mix of scalar, vector, matrix, and spatial architectures deployed in CPU, GPU, accelerator, and FPGA sockets. As a result, our customers can use the most appropriate type of compute when and where it’s needed.


Versatile, high-performance, and power-efficient general-purpose compute with world-class Intel® CPUs.


Highly parallel processing with Intel® integrated graphics and discrete GPUs.


Innovative new CPU instructions and purpose-built Intel® accelerators for AI performance.


Reprogrammable Intel® FPGAs for customizable acceleration.

Redefining the Memory and Storage Hierarchy

Intel has compiled a memory and storage hierarchy that saves system architects, developers, and engineers from having to work around the gaps that have impacted data performance for decades. With our memory technology, we can offer a full portfolio of products that deliver exceptional advances, with revolutionary innovations to enhance storage performance.

Memory Media

Intel® Optane™ memory media and Intel® 3D NAND Technology.


Intel® Optane™ DC persistent memory modules, solid state drives (SSDs), and Intel® 3D NAND SSDs.


Deep platform integration, codesigned with Intel CPUs.


Engagement with industry partners and support for developers.

Interconnect at Hyperscale

In a data-centric world, the dynamic range of interconnect is enormous. Intel delivers leading technologies that scale from microns to miles across all interconnect layers—spanning on-die, on-package to data center and wireless networks—eliminating bottlenecks to data movement at multiple points.

System on Chip (SoC) Interconnect

Advanced on-die interconnect for moving data faster in the silicon or on package.

Processor Interconnect

High-bandwidth, low-latency technologies to move data between different compute elements.

Data Center Interconnect

Drive performance at large scales with long-distance, high-speed technologies.

Wireless Interconnect

Advancements in 5G and Wi-Fi standards enable the next generation of wireless connectivity.

Standards-Based Interconnect

Built on accepted standards to maximize interoperability.

Security Built on a Foundation of Trust

Intel is committed to architecting products that deliver advanced protections for today’s threats — prioritizing built-in, silicon-enabled technologies and edge-to-cloud data privacy and security capabilities.

Security First Pledge
Security design principles proactively and consistently consider the security implications of design decisions and build resilience into our products.

Partner Solutions
Products and tools that help enable ecosystem partners to create security-optimized solutions.

Deployment and Integration
A comprehensive portfolio of solutions spanning edge, endpoint, data center, cloud, and network with a common foundation of silicon-enabled security capabilities.

Unified Software. Exponential Innovation.

We at Intel are working tirelessly to enable the future of computing through full-stack solutions powered by software that is performant, open, and productive. Intel® software unleashes the full potential of hardware across all workloads, domains, and architectures.

Uncompromised Performance

Performance improvements in orders of magnitude per core through software optimizations.

Open Innovation

Extensive, consistent history of open source commitment.

Unparalleled Productivity

Libraries, tools, and resources and a unified programming model to empower developers.

Six Pillars of Technology Innovation for the Next Era of Computing

Intel is innovating across six pillars of technology development to unleash the power of data for the industry and our customers.

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