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Intel® True View brings you into the middle of sports action, proving a detailed view from never before seen angles—bird’s-eye-view, below the goal post, referee vantage point, and more—so that you don’t don’t miss a beat. Leagues and broadcasters use True View to give fans new, immersive experiences—showcasing a format that heightens storytelling and deepens analysis.1

The Game Like Never Before

Analyze the action in 360 degrees or through the eyes of the players. Using high performance computing (HPC), Intel True View transforms massive amounts of volumetric video data from dozens of cameras into stunning replays of the biggest moments in football, basketball, and soccer.

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Dive in: Experience the NFL Inside and Outside

Offering vantage points that no other camera can provide—Intel True View takes NFL fans “anywhere they want on the field.

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NFL True View Highlights

Relive this season’s greatest plays in a whole new perspective.

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Professional Esports Runs on Intel

Pro gamers, teams, and esports leagues choose Intel to power their gaming PCs and connect millions of players around the world.

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